photo by Aly Carroll Photography

Hey there, I’m Alexa.

Most days you can find me dreaming up my latest business endeavor in one of my favorite, cozy coffee shops or literally running around town. I'm primarily known for making a statement with my wardrobe, being obsessed with my little French Bulldog, and always being down for a spontaneous adventure.  Throughout my small hometown in Iowa many people know me as “the runner” and / or “the photographer”.

I love serving the world using my unique perspective to help others see beauty in themselves and their surroundings that they might otherwise miss. For example, I’ll go to take a photo on my phone of something in a parking lot, which, naturally, confuses whomever I’m with. But, when I show them the photo that I took, the response is usually something along the lines of, “Wow, I would have never seen that.” 

Being detail oriented like this, I am 100% most passionate about the little things in life. Coffee in the morning, songs that take me back to a special time, running in the rain, and handwritten notes are a few of the things that I live for.

I photograph couples, seniors, bloggers, and businesses that desire gorgeous, light filled imagery that compliments their unique styles. I capture them in a way that accomplishes this and more, also highlighting their most genuine personalities through candid gems. My clients are always just as passionate about creating beautiful photos as I am which makes me believe my job is truly the best job in the world.

Delivering my client’s dream photos is one of my top two priorities. The other is always creating the best, personable, hands-on experience filled with quality communication. For real, whether you want to chat photos, wedding details, or are just in need of a friend, I’m always readily available for my clients.

I'm what they call a "multi-passionate" human. Yes, I have many loves, but they are all irrevocably and beautifully intertwined. That's why I also offer personal styling  AND brand design services. My photography business wouldn't be the same without the styling and curation of outfits and items used in my photos. Nor would it be the same without the brand development I've put into my business - get in touch for  all the info on how I can help you out.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me!

1.  I went to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I earned a degree in design- keep reading they get better.

2.  I LOVE grocery stores. Seriously, when I was living in Grand Rapids I would sometimes go to a grocery store just to walk around and think, but of course would end up buying something I didn’t need. I’m probably a little odd for this (okay I definitely am) but I find grocery stores kind of relaxing, lol.

3. I just completed my third marathon - Boston!

4.  My spirit animal is a koala – looks cuddly but in reality would prefer to not to hug unless you’re a tree – in the nicest way possible! :)

5.  I have a t shirt that reads, “this is my animal rescuing shirt”.  In the past couple years I’ve driven a baby duck that got hit by a car an hour to a wildlife vet, walked a lost dog home after calling the number on his collar,  and turned my car around to move a bird out of the road – he had a hurt wing.

Still here? Let’s connect!  - follow the links below or get in touch through my contact form. :)