Our Take on Style

Style plays a major role in telling your visual story. Because that’s what I do with my photography, it only fit that I offer the style storytelling aspect too.

this story board was pulled from a real-life, 2019 AKP senior style client.

this story board was pulled from a real-life, 2019 AKP senior style client.

Ever wonder how celebrities look so chic all the time? They have a stylist helping them out every step of the way. We firmly believe you do not have to be famous to legitimize working with, or to afford, a personal stylist. Our styling process is chill, fun, and down to earth. Shopping can be an intimidating, time consuming, and overwhelming task. Why not save all that time and invest in someone who is so excited and so passionate about making you look and feel your absolute best?

This visual story board gives all of us a starting point in moving forward and directs the stylistic decisions we make from here on out. At this stage of our collaborative styling process, the initial meetings have taken place and our team has developed a strong grasp of the direction we’re going and what our end goals are.

Whether we’re working to curate a variety of specific outfits for your senior, commercial, or engagement session, or giving your entire closet a fresh new look for a changing season, we tailor our selections toward meeting your unique needs. A variety of factors including budget, sizes, and all questions or concerns you may have are addressed and we take care of the decision-making and shopping for you. That being said, nothing is purchased without your approval, and we work without any additional costs until you love everything! We totally understand that shopping for clothes can be a major commitment for some, and we want you to be confident and in love with everything!