Hello hello, I’m Alexa, and that cutie up there is my fiancé and business partner, Jon. I’m the photographer, he’s the videographer. Most days you can find me at a photoshoot, meeting a new client in one of my favorite coffee shops, or cozied up with my pup, editing from home. Meanwhile, you can usually find Jon behind a stack of books or at the hospital, yep, he’s also a medical student. He’s truly a jack of all trades.

Jon has been my second shooter since I started photographing weddings six years ago and has now transitioned into video. Jon’s edgy, raw, emotive and beautiful videography services can be added on to any of my wedding collections by requesting for AKP Films By Jon.

I love serving the world using my unique perspective to help others see beauty in themselves, their ideas, and their surroundings that they might otherwise miss. Being extremely detail oriented, I am 100% most passionate about the little things in life. Coffee in the morning, songs that make me nostalgic, running in the rain, and handwritten notes are a few of the things that I live for.

I photograph madly in love, adventurous couples. My client’s are always just as passionate about creating beautiful and unique photos as I am, and we have a good time doing it. Delivering my client’s dream photos is one of my top two priorities. The other is to always create the best, personable, hands-on experience filled with quality communication. For real, whether you want to chat photos, wedding details, developing a brand, or are just in need of a friend, I’m always readily available for my clients.


f o l l o w   a l o n g : @alexa.karen